Chaos Monk – An interview with Steve Dee


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I am a big fan of Steve’s writing. At first, it was his posts on the Blog of Baphomet that drew my attention to his writing. His very unique and personal take on chaos magick resonates with everything I wanted to learn and explore for myself at the time. Steve and I corresponded for a while, I can’t recall for how long, but I can say that his teaching, guidance and mentoring had a profound impact on my life. 

Chaos Monk is an invitation to spiritual intensity. In the face of life’s brevity, it seeks to offer a challenge to consider what truly matters and how we might find skilful means for exploring such a question.

From my own personal experiences of working with Steve, I can say that his ‘monastic ways’ always help and guided me in the most intense and crucial times of my life.

Sometimes the deepest and highest forms of gnosis are in simplicity, faithfulness and accountability and stillness.

Other titles by Steve Dee:

A Gnostic’s Progress: Magic and the Path of Awakening

The Heretic’s Journey: Spiritual Freethinking for Difficult Times

Chaos Craft: The Wheel of the Year in Eight Colours 


Chaos Monk

Can you introduce yourself and say a little about what you do, and your aims and objectives with Chaos Monk in your writing?

Yes, I’m Steve Dee. I live in Devon in the UK where I work as a Psychotherapist within the National Health Service. I like surfing, walking and leading a fairly quiet life. My writing is generally the over-spill of my own exploration, research and magical practice. I tend to make sense of things by trying to write about them and hopefully what I write can be helpful to others.

If you haven’t already, can you say a little more about your family background, ie past and current – ie are you married, children, work – people like a little bit of personal stuff if you ok to share?

Sure, I come from Cardiff in South Wales but also spent a chunk of my childhood growing up in Australia. I studied theology when I was in my late teens-early 20s and came close to becoming a monk and an Anglican Priest but this all changed when I bumped into the Gnostics and Carl Jung.

I identify as being Queer. I have a long-term partner and we have two young adult sons together. I am quite introverted by nature and friends often describe me as being either a contemplative or a hermit.

When my Christian faith expanded in my mid-20 I decided to train as a social worker (rather than the priesthood) and eventually trained as a psychotherapist specialising in family work and working with people who self-harm.

Do you call yourself a magician/chaos magician, witch, or monk –  if so what does this mean to you? And is it important?

I would probably describe myself as a magical practitioner or Gnostic explorer as these are vague and talk about the doing of stuff. Other words like Witch or Yogi also apply but I use them less as people tend to have more preconceived ideas about what they mean.

You are primarily interested in what I think is called Chaos magic?- can you explain what that is and what it is that attracted you to that way?

For me, Chaos Magic focuses more on what you do rather than having to believe in a specific worldview or metaphysical scaffolding. These things can be helpful but they can also be limiting.

Personally, I am more interested in what happens when we use Gnostic technologies for opening up the body, the heart and the mind. This has a lot of similarities with how I see the early Yogis trying to use the whole of their lives as a laboratory for exploration.

You’ve written 3 previous books – can you say a little about them

Chaos Craft (2014) was co-written with my good friend Julian Vayne as a result of us running a magical group for a number of years that sought to explore a form of Witchcraft heavily inspired by Chaos Magic. The book maps the 8 colours of magic from Pete Carroll’s Liber Kaos onto the Pagan wheel of the year and then describes some of the bold magical adventures and ideas that resulted from this work.

A Gnostic’s Progress (2016) Seeks to explore how the cosmologies and practices of the early Gnostics can be of value to contemporary magicians. It’s full of fun experiments and strange ideas for triggering experiences of awakening from sleeping states of consciousness.

The Heretic’s Journey (2018) explores what it might mean to be a Spiritual Freethinker in response to attempts in society to create dogmas and orthodoxies. It looks especially at Queer theory, Surrealism and the Ma’at current as a form of Post-Crowley Thelema.

 Is the journey in your books for everyone or is it only for the expert or indeed aimed at the beginner?

People often describe my writing as being clear but some of the ideas that I reference are quite complex. So I hope that a newcomer would find something helpful and inspiring, but I write because I find it interesting and personally illuminating rather than having a specific audience in mind.

That’s a lot of questions – can you try and summarise, in a nutshell, the enduring message of the book – Chaos Monk

I don’t think I can do better than quoting myself in the book’s introduction :

“This book is an invitation to spiritual intensity. In the face of life’s brevity, it seeks to offer a challenge to consider what truly matters and how we might find skilful means for exploring such a question. As the pace and pressures of daily living seek to crowd out our ability to find space and silence, I believe that those traditions and techniques associated with monasticism provide vital keys for regaining our balance. While some may view such paths as ones of restriction or severity, as we travel together I hope to demonstrate the profound value of what simplicity, faithfulness and accountability might bring us when viewed through dynamic and responsive lens of Chaos magical practice.”

Anything else you want to add?

Your greatest magical act is to fully manifest to the world the uniqueness of who you are. That’s what the world needs. Know Thyself! Create Thyself! Become the One you know you are.

Do you have a webpage or blog?



Fire & Water, Oshun & Babalon



“Babalon, let me tell you about Babalon, I was just looking at my diary from a while back, fire and water, that’s her, like Oshun, Orisha of the rivers and sweet waters. Here’s how she found me. I’ve been invited to take part in a ceremony of a different tribe, they share the same path of the Serpent and the Panther, but the practice is different. My tribe like to dive into the pool of the void, through its darkest tunnels and halls until it turns into light.

The other tribe practice the way in great light and celebration, even at the darkest moments somehow they find a way to celebrate with a beautiful practice. I thought that it is the perfect space to evoke Babalon. I needed to get some answers from her, so I put on my red dress and made a little tobacco offering to the fire. Then I waited for her to give me a sign; when it comes it is like the rhythm of the ayahuasca dream state of mind:

The serpent is awake,

Is coiling in my tummy and heart,

It is moving and winding, its scales are bright red,

It is getting ready to move up toward my neck,

I’m terrified it is going to swallow me,

It changes into a serpent-like flower,

Changing its colour from red to yellow,

More and more serpent-like flowers are popping around me.

I can hear the Oshun song from the distance,

I am singing it,

I can hear Babalon whispering in my ears,

To understand me, go with Oshun.

I get it…

At first, the Scarlet Lady and Oshun look like they have nothing in common. Oshun is the Yellow Lady of the rivers … but to embody the will and the passion to create magic and change, you need to move in a wavelike motion, to be fluid like water.

Babalon rides the flames of the ever-burning fire. If you look closely at the flames, you can see that they have a strange fluidity. Fire, like water, always has to move, expand and never standstill. So both ladies share the same qualities. Oshun is the watery aspect of Babalon, and Babalon is the fiery aspect of Oshun. You cannot create magic from still water that lacks fluidity.

You cannot create magic from still and tamed fire, which will soon burn out and die.

In the morning after the ceremony closed, I stood by the fire talking to the shaman, when something caught my eye. At the side of the fire was a statue of Shiva holding the Trishula 1 trident, and next to it two further Trishula, made from iron. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’d dreamt of that very Trishula the month before!


When I asked the shaman what he uses them for, he said what I have always known: at the ceremony the Trishula helps destroy the three worlds that we find so hard to let go of. After the ceremony, we arrived at the here and now, with joy, beauty and bliss in our hearts. Who said that dreams can’t come true??

Om Namaha Shivaya

Viva Oshun

Hail Babalon.”

  • From NakedTantra by Miryamdevi & Minanath

Serpents everywhere

The snake charmer/Emil Otto Hoppe

A couple of weeks before Samhain/Day of the Dead, I had an insight.

This year, on our pilgrimage, to visit the ancestors, we going to perform The  Headless ritual in the graveyard. I’m not sure where this insight came from,  perhaps I was reading again too much Crowley’s stuff again.

When I asked M what does he think about performing The Headless ritual for our day of the dead extravaganza, he said it was a good idea and we should give it a go.

Later on that week, I had another insight – we must sing the headless ritual. When I say sing, I meant singing the power words.

The tune that was stuck in my head was – Schuberts’ Ave Maria…

Now, I can sing, not too bad actually, and when I’m really going for it, I can make some very cool shamanic howling, but I’m certainly not Maria Callas.

We arrived at the old farmhouse on Samhain eve, exhausted from the long drive, neither of us feel like performing any ritual, instead, we end up snoozing in front of the TV.

We agreed to do try the next day on our visit to the cemetery.

After a week or so of practising singing the power words, I felt more than ready. 

The next morning, we drove to the cemetery armed with a candle, joss sticks, and a printed version of the Bornless ritual. As soon as we start driving the weather changed from a nice sunny morning into a grey and wet one. As we turned a corner, the most beautiful rainbow appeared and a thought crossed my mind: 

The Serpent and the Rainbow

The Serpent and the Rainbow, our two ancient Haitian serpent deities that probably stand at the top of the Haitian Vodou system.

The serpent – Dambala Wedo is the ancient sky father, he is the origin of life and the ancient source of wisdom. His wife, Ayida Wedo is a water serpent with rainbow-coloured scales and her symbol is the rainbow.

The story goes like that – Dambala Wedo gave rain to the world, as the raindrops fell from the sky they formed a rainbow colour. Danbala fell in love with Ayida the rainbow serpent. They married and joined as a double helix of snakes, giving birth to the human race. (from Vodou Visions by Sallie Ann Glassman).

The rainbow reminded me why the Headless ritual would be good for this particular work (part from the urge to sing it). In the second part of the ritual that sometimes comes under the title ‘Assuming of the God form’, you can find a line that says: My name is a heart encircled by a serpent.  So the headless ritual has a serpent in it and somehow also felt connected to the energies of this time of the year.

The Orphic egg, not exactly a heart, but you get the idea.

By the time we got to the cemetery, it was very wet and we could sense a tempest was coming which reminded us that Set is a storm deity after all, aka the voice of the storm. So we lit the candle and the incense but again, something about the timing of the ritual didn’t feel right, the weather so bad we got back in the car and raced for home.

I was looking for a picture that will capture the essence of the Headless ritual, and my research led me to a very familiar one that can represent the line – My name is a heart encircled by a serpent, but also connected to the double helix formed by the serpent and the rainbow I mentioned earlier.

The more I think and study the picture and my relationship with the deity in it, the realization of why we didn’t get to perform the headless ritual as planned, was sinking in. In my opinion, preparing for a ritual sometimes is just as good and powerful as the performance itself and by the time of the ritual, sometimes you feel that things are already in motion.

For the best part of about 3 weeks, all I did was explore the ritual in so many ways so I would find the best way to sing it. In that period of time, I read it over and over again and sang the words of power numerous times. By the time we arrived at the specific date planned for it, I felt saturated and full. I didn’t want nor feel the need to do it. This resulted in a very quiet and peaceful space in my head, something like the feeling of when a ritual is completed and we say the famous words 



2 serpents circling up and around the heart

So our friend Baphomet here, got a double helix sort of serpents, possibly symbolizing the rising of the kundalini through the lingam wisdom. Both of the serpents heads point in the direction of the sternum, which is the protector of the heart. 

When we prepare for a ritual, to make it successful, we need to put ‘our heart’ into it, some will say we need to put ‘our heart and soul’, but this can be open for discussion. However, by putting ‘our heart’ into the preparations, we are consumed by the ritual, the more we study we become one with it, and we start to initiate certain elements’ energies and powers into motion, while at the time doing so we are probably not aware of it at all. By the time the day arrives, there is nothing more to do. 

The Bornless One Ritual

“I summon you, Headless One,
Who created earth and heaven,
Who created night and day,
You who created light and darkness;
You are Unas, the beautiful whom none has ever seen;
You are Iabas;
You are Iapos;
You have distinguished the just from the unjust;
You have made female and male;
You have revealed seed and fruits;
You have made men love each other
And hate each other.”
“I am Moses your prophet to whom you have transmitted your mysteries celebrated by Israel; you have revealed the moist and the dry and all nourishment; hear me.”

“I am the messenger of the beautiful Pharaoh Unas
This is your true name,
which has been transmitted to the prophets of Israel.
Hear me, Hear me,
arbathiaô reibet athelebersêth [ara]
blatha albeu ebenphchi chitasgoê ibaôth iaô
Listen to me and turn away this daimon”

“I call upon you, awesome and invisible god with an empty spirit,
modoriô phalarchaô ooo

Holy Headless One. Deliver us
From the daimon which restrains us,
roubriaô mari ôdam baabnabaôth
ass adônai aphniaô
ithôlêth abrasas
Mighty Headless One,
Deliver us
From the daimons that restrain.
mararraiô ioêl kotha athorêbalo abraôth,

Deliver us:
aôth abraôth basym isak sabaôth iaô”
“He is lord of the gods;
He is the lord of the inhabited world;
He is the one whom the winds fear;
He is the one who made all things
By the commands of his voice.”

“Lord, King, Master, Helper, save the Soul-Ba (Psyche)
ieou pyr
iou pyr
abrasax sabriam
oo yy ey oo yy

Immediately, immediately
Good messenger of the God
anlala lai gaia
apa diachanna choryn”

Assumption of the God form

“I am the headless daimon with my sight in my feet;
[I am] the mighty one [who possesses] the immortal fire;
I am the truth who hates the fact that unjust deeds
are done in the world;
I am the one who makes the lightning flash and the thunder roll;
I am the one whose sweat is the heavy rain, which falls upon the earth that it might be inseminated;
I am the one whose mouth burns completely;
I am the one who begets and destroys;
I am the Favour of the Aion;
My name is a heart encircled by a serpent;
Come forth and follow.”

“Subject to me all daimons,
So that every daimon,
Whether of the heavens
Or the air
Or earthly
Or under the earth
Terrestrial or aquatic,
Might be obedient to me
And every enchantment and scourge
Which is from God.”


When you want to finish do so by for example repeating the first part of Tankhem opening and then a “license to depart”:
“I release any spirits entrapped by this working,
May you go in peace to your lovely abodes.
Farewell Headless One,
Lord of the inhabited world,
Farewell Akephalos,
The son of Nuit
Leader of the company of heaven in their diurnal motion,
Senebty, great Bull of Ombos.”

After which pour any remaining offerings such as those of the chalice on earth and clear equipment, extinguish lamps etc .

This version of the Bornless ritual was taken from Egyptian magick by Mogg Morgan


Inspired by the work of the 4th head, The Serpent, from Apophis by Michael Kelly.


Another interesting view on the serpent, you will find in the YouTube link below




Typhonian – what does it mean?


What is a Typhonian? A new magical tradition also a spiritual path but one with ancient antecedents. In this sense like Babalon, Baphomet, & Babi.

Typhon is name of ancient Greek evil supernatural entity used by them as an overlay onto Egyptian Seth. They didn’t have that much in common though at that moment at end of pharaonic culture they obviously thought they did.

The Egyptian scribe-magicians recorded the name Typhon in their spells alongside that of Seth whilst at same time indicating in code that Seth was the real name with power.

The move associated many attributes of Typhon, who is almost wholly negative with Egyptian Seth, who does or did have many positive roles as “Lord of power & might”.

His is an all seeing, powerful eye that makes him the only deity who can stare Apophis, the personification of chaos & destruction, in the eye & not be paralyzed by its evil void.

In the 20th century neopagan revival the ancient cult of Seth began to reemerge in the magical discourse but under the Greek name Typhon. Not too obvious in Crowley but his disciples, such as Kenneth Grant, thought they perceived his presence as a hidden god, which seems appropriate.

The revivalists also influenced by inspired but flawed interpretations of Egyptian culture from Victorian theosophical authors such as Gerald Massey who relied heavily on Greek pov – Egyptological material on these myths being less widely known at that time…

So, apart from historical stuff what does a post modern Typhonian actually believe or do – & how does Apophis fit into the picture? Is he or she yet another name for Seth?

“Be not unaware of me oh Seth, if you know me, I shall know you” is the ancient spell, his aloof secretive nature who knows not just what he knows but secret identities of all others.

Seth, being a monstrous soul, is the most psychologically important of the ancient ones, certainly those that have a name. His companions look like demons, but ultimately these are more useful to us than the angels, approached wisely that is.

Typhonian magick, purports to go beyond conventional morality and the politically correct, and this is reflected in the “demonic” systems with which it is often associated. The Picatrix would probably be a typical typhonian text but there again, as its Arabic title alerts us, beneath all this is the “Goal of the Wise” – an individual gnostic quest for wisdom, knowledge, self mastery, for which one must sometimes descend into hell, or the underworld, the territory of Seth.

So a Typhonian is one who descends into void, or into hell if you like, who explores the weirder byways of magick and enters the dark and the nightside, not just for the hell of it but on the firm conviction that there, and perhaps only there, will they encounter the knowledge, inspiration and love, they and their world needs. (Mogg Morgan)



It’s the 8th day after the full moon, Ugraparbah night, a night of radiating terror? The hunger is immense and the knowledge is out there, just reach out and let it flow through you, download it and upgrade yourself. 

So, it’s a day after the last quarter of the moon and finally, the time felt right for the Renanuteth invocation, the Serpent head goddess, the mother of all serpents. We kept delaying it, as she demanded an offering of that intoxicating smoke, one needs to be very certain of time, space and mind to offer it. 

The temple space is ready,  Zar music is playing in the background and on the altar between the burning candles a silver plate with a bunch of dry leaves, our offering, Salvia divinorum.

It’s been a year since we last journeyed into the Salvia dimension and I was very nervous to cross the gates of these ancient strange worlds again.

Some of you know that I’m an experienced traveller in hyperspace and in some of the galaxies and constellations I travelled to, I feel at home, (ayahuasca, mushrooms, peyote, San Pedro, to name a few) but Salvia, is a whole different story. 

We opened the space and read the invocation:

Thōzo pithē etc  (Thermouthe Pythia)


The doors are open

And seven virgins 

Shall arise from the deep earth

Their garments of purest linen

Their faces those of serpents

You are the fates of heaven

Wielding golden wands


Hail thou seven fates of heaven

O noble and good virgins

O sacred ones 

Hail thou chrepsienthaēs?

Hail thou menescheēs

Hail thou mechran!

Hail thou ararmachēs

Hail thou echommiē

Hail thou tichnondaēs

Hail thou erou rombriesē

Hail thou seven

snake-headed goddesses

The fates of heaven

The goddesses who hold the pole in its place

Thozopithe formula

Hail thou bear goddess,

Great one

 ruling heaven. 

Reigning over the pole of the stars. 

Hail Highest one, 

beautiful-shining goddess. 

Whose element is Incorruptible. 

Hail thous Composite of the all, 

The all illuminating, 

bond of the universe

You who stand on the pole, you who the lord god appointed to turn the holy pole with a strong hand. 

The first offering 

As soon as the first offering is done, I’ve noticed a very subtle movement, like ripples of heat and colour emanating from the altar. I look around the room, there’s a strange glow all around the fireplace.

The colour-heat ripples around the altar are getting bigger and before I realise what is happening a wave of serpent-like fractal shapes and colours are flowing over me. I try to stay calm, letting the serpent aura engulf me. Yeah… stay calm, I keep hearing myself mumbling…

Something is moving along the altar, two serpents, one black the other one colourful.  Both glowing and moving (flowing?) down the altar along the wall towards the fireplace. The coloured serpent disappeared in the fire, the black serpent stopped at the left of the fireplace and erected itself. Beautiful, fearsome, awesome, terrifying. Her flaming eyes pierced mine with a hypnotic gaze.

I tried to shift my gaze, to move a little but I was frozen with awe and terror. She’s getting closer, her aura is so bright and huge I can nearly touch it (that if I wasn’t freaking out here, my heart is racing. I think I’m going to faint.) Wait, she’s communicating with me. I can hear a strange whisper echoing inside my head, an ancient serpentine language vibrating down my spine. She’s taking over me, crawling up and down inside my body.

I can’t take it anymore, I cry out and fall down to my knees, I can hear myself praying in her ancient language.

Praying for mercy

Crying my heart out for Her to spare my life.

She’s gone.

My Serpent queen. 

The Second Offering 

Still shaking, I place the second offering on the altar. The smoke is thick and white.

The music is rhythmic, hypnotic, wild and tribal. I can feel it in my bones like the rhythm is part of me. I hear the ‘mama song’ and I can feel them, my three beautiful mamas, dancing around me, opening the gates for me, making me see.  The Zar company are here, with their drums and songs. His holiness, the Nubian priest is there too. So majestic in his white robes. He stretches his arm out and invites me to approach. The music stopped and everything went quiet. 

Stillness, like we are all frozen between time and space.

The air is crackling with static electricity and energy, it feels like we are trapped in a teardrop that is gonna explode any moment now.


An explosion of sounds, screams and shouts, crazy rhythms are turning slowly into music and songs, these ancient songs and hypnotic rhythms I’ve heard before. The music gets louder and louder it takes over me, it’s in me, it’s coming from inside me, I am the music.

The black mama took me by the hand and started to dance. We are dancing. Blue mama is to my right and red mama to my left. More people joining in and circling us, with their drums and bells, all-dancing the wild ecstatic dance. I can feel something behind me, not sure what, it sends shivers down my spine. Black mama holding my hands tight looking into my eyes and smiling, whispering in her ancient language, “keep dancing habibti”. I close my eyes and I dance and spin, I can’t feel my body, there is something on my back, I freak out but black mama’s hands are squeezing mine reassuring me to keep dancing, so I find my rhythm and let go, I  can fly. I can see the company from above in a dancing frenzy, the Nubian priest is on his knees praying and crying, the three mamas spinning like mad dervishes. 

All of these are orchestrated by the elder of the company. He is standing in the middle of all the maddens, a big grin on his face drumming his magickal drum and shouting mad order towards the sky.

I can feel he’s calling me, I can feel his drumming vibrates in my ears and heart, I hear shouting and wild screams. Black mana’s grip is tightening around mine and I can feel her pulling me down.

I crash back to the here and now.

The Third Offering 

At this point, I’m weary and tired, but there’s no way back, it has to be done.

I inhale the smoky essence of the offering and lean back into the fluffy white clouds.

There’s a huge wheel in the distance. The wheel rotates slowly as if spinning in a very slow motion. With each rotation of the wheel, it seems that I’m moving forward towards it like it’s pulling me nearer to it somehow. 

I look down at my feet and realize that I am attached to the wheel like Leonardo de Vinci ‘The Vitruvian Man.

As soon as I understand that I’m attached to the wheel, it starts to spin faster and faster. I can see myself spinning, turning, becoming an endless spiral of Fibonacci numbers,  fractals.

I close my eyes and thinking to myself “I can relax now”

Boom, I’m back in the room.

We closed the circle, taking extra care seeing the portal tightly shut, and making sure that no strange entities lurking in the shadows. 

I don’t know when I’ll go through this portal again.

אומנות הכאוס וגלגל השנה – כתום



עוד לא הספקנו להתאושש מאימבולק ולפנות את המזבח הירוק וכבר מתדפק לו בפתח יום המשווה האביבי המסמל לנו את הכוח הנכנס של השנה, מזרח 

המזרח מסמל התעוררות רוחנית, והתחלות חדשות. אנו עוברים לרמה גבוהה יותר של מודעות וחוכמה רוחנית. המזרח מברך את השמש ואת תחילתו של יום חדש. כאשר העצמי הגבוה שלנו מתעורר אנו מתחילים לראות פוטנציאל בלתי מוגבל בכל מקום, כולל בעצמנו

בחודש ניסן, מאדים, כוכב המלחמה, משפיע על העולם באמצעות מזל טלה. טלה מסמל את החלוץ המוביל את הדרך ומחוזק בכוח שהוא מקבל ממאדים – אותו כוח שאחראי גם לאביב.  על ידי שליטה בכוחו של מאדים, אנו יכולים לשלוט בכוח הצמיחה וההתחדשות בחיינו, בדיוק כפי שהטבע עושה באביב

בעברית פירוש המילה קדם או קדמה מתייחס למזרח – ראשית זהו כיוון השמש העולה, מלשון “קדימה”, לפני שהצפון נעשה הכיוון המרכזי, היו רגילים לכוון על ידי כך שהיו עומדים לכיוון שממנו השמש זורחת (ומכאן “מזרח”). מימין דרום ומשמאל צפון 

 שנית, ומעניין יותר השימוש בו כמונח “העבר”.  בתורה, קדמה, נקרא על שם העם “הקדמוני” שישב במזרח הארץ: “את הקיני ואת הקנזי ואת הקדמוני” בראשית ט”ו 19

וכמובן בל נשכח את המושג “ימי קדם” ו או את אדם קדמון 

אפשר להגיד שיום השוויון האביבי הוא שער מטאפיזי לתודעת מזרח – התחדשות וצמיחה רוחנית. שער קדמון שנפתח ביום זה ונותן לנו הצצה לעבר(קדם) ולעתיד(קדימה). על שער המזרח שומר המלאך אוריאל

?אז למה בעצם כתום 

אחת התכונות הבולטות של הצבע הכתום היא לסייע בהטמעת רעיונות חדשים ולעניק לנו את החופש להיות אנו עצמנו ( הכוח הנכנס של השנה, העצמי הגבוה שלנו מתעורר, זוכרים?)הצבע הכתום משדר חום ואושר, המשלב אנרגיה פיזית והעוצמה של האדום עם עליזות הצהוב, השילוב המהפנט של השמש בזריחה. הצבע הכתום מביא ספונטניות והשקפה חיובית על החיים והוא צבע נהדר לשימוש בתקופות קשות, שומר על מוטיבציה ועוזר לנו להסתכל על הצד המואר של החיים 

ביום השיוויון האביבי המתח בין הכוחות הפועלים הוא שווה: יש בדיוק את אותן מספר עות בין היום והלילה, האור והחושך 

בשבילי יום השוויון האביבי מסמל את צומת הדרכים בה אנו נמצאים בשלב הזה של השנה, את הרגע הזה שכל האסימונים “נופלים” ושער “לאן פנינו מועדות” נפתח בפנינו ומראה לנו את כל האפשרויות 

כל מה שאנו צריכים עכשיו, זה לבחור באיזו דרך ללכת

מן הסתם הוא שנסדר את האלתר (מזבח, שולחן מינחות) שלנו במוטיבים בצבע הכתום ומה יותר מתאים כמינחה מפרי התפוז הכתום והעסיסי וכמובן נרות ופרחים כתומים ולמי שזה מתאים, גם דגי זהב יתקבלו בברכה

כישוף כתום

החומרים: שמן אתרי תפוז ו או קליפת תפוז, תפוז, נר כתום (במידה ולא מצאתם נר כתום אפשר לשים את הנר בכלי כתום, או לקשט אותו בכמה פרחים כתומים), מבער או דיפיוזר (או קטורת במידה ואין לכם שמן אתרי מבער/דיפיוזר)

התכונות המאגיות של התפוז: טיהור אנרגיות שליליות, נותן הרגשה כללית טובה, ממריץ אנרגטי לגוף ולנשמה

התפוז מחבר אותנו לתדר מאגי פתוח ורענן, אופטימי ושמח ונותן לנו את הדחיפה האנרגטית לצעוד קדימה ולפתוח דף חדש

הדליקו את הנרות, טפטפו כמה טיפות משמן התפוז למבער או לדיפיוזר. ביד שמאל החזיקו את קליפת התפוז ומעכו אותה קלות כדי לשחרר את השמן האתרי שנמצא בקליפת התפוז, קרבו את קליפת התפוז לאף וקחו נשימה עמוקה, שאפו את ניחוח התפוז תנו לו להציף את הוויתכם לכמה רגעים קלים. דמיינו את השער הכתום נפתח לפניכם ולפני שאתם חוצים את הסף אמרו בלחש את שבועת האביב 

שבועת האביב איתה מביאה

את רצף הטבע, במחזוריות משתנה

זמן יצירה ולידה מחדש 

החיים מתעוררים ואיתם האדמה

התחלות חדשות נפתחות לפני

הזדמנות שוב ללכת בעקבות החלום

אפתח את הלב לחגיגת השוויון 

שמחה ואיזון לכל הברואים והבריאות

לסיום אכלו את התפוז או לפחות פלח ממנו, צאו קצת לטבע ונסו לזהות את הכתום שבו והכי חשוב חייכו, חייכו למשפחה, לחברים ולשכנים אפשר ומותר גם לחייך לזרים והכי חשוב תחייכו לעצמכם ותנו לעצמכם את הצ’אנס להתחיל שוב מחדש.

 מוקדש באהבה לנועם, האיש הכי מאוזן שפגשתי

?מה זה סיגיל


סיגיל, מבוטא סיג’יל, הוא סוג של סמל/חותם המשמש בכישוף פולחני. המונח מתייחס בדרך כלל לסוג של חתימה ציורית של ג’ין/שד או ישות אחרת

בשימוש מודרני, במיוחד בהקשר של אומנות הכאוס (כאוס מג’יק), החותם משמש לייצוג סמלי של התוצאה הרצויה של המתרגל

בכישוף טקסי מימי הביניים, המונח סיג’יל/חותם מתייחס לסימנים הנסתרים שייצגו  מלאכים ושדים שונים שהמאגיקון עשוי לזמן. ספרי המסתורין הנקראים  ‘גרימווארמציגים לעתים קרובות דפים של חותמות וסמלים כאלו

 The Lesser Key of Solomon רשימה ידועה במיוחד נמצאת ב

.בה ניתנים החותמות של 72 הנסיכים של היררכיית השאול לשימוש המאגיקון


חותמות אלה נחשבו כמקבילות לשם האמיתי של הישות ובכך העניקו למאגיקון  שליטה עליה

שיטה נפוצה ליצירת חותמות של רוחות מסוימות הייתה שימוש בקמעות (ריבועי קסם) – שמות הרוחות/ישויות הומרו למספרים, שאז היו ממוקמים על ריבוע הקסם. המיקומים על הריבוע חוברו בקווים ויצרו דמות/צורה מופשטת שממנה הוטבע החותם

השימוש בסמלים לצרכים מאגיים או פולחניים נפוץ לפחות מאז התקופה הניאוליתית. כמה דוגמאות מתרבויות אחרות כוללות את הינטרה מהטנטרה ההינדואית, הרונות הנורדיות בקרב העמים הגרמנים, או שימוש ב- וה-וה בוודו

היה אמן שעסק בתורת הנסתר, פיתח שיטה ייחודית משלו ליצירה ושימוש בחותמות, שהשפיעה מאוד על האוקלטיזם המודרני ובייחוד על זרם ‘אומנות הכאוס

ספייר לקח את מנהג ימי הביניים לשימוש בחותמות לזימון ישויות, ויצר שיטה חדשה,  שאיתה הצליח לעורר ישויות בראשו. ספייר טען כי יצורים על טבעיים אלה, הם פשוט קומפלקסים בתת מודע, שניתן ליצור ולממש אותם באמצעות תהליך ההחתמה

ההבדל הגדול בשיטת ספייר היה בכך שהחותמים כבר לא נועדו לשליטה בשדים ו או במלאכים, אלא לשליטה בכוחות הנפש ובתת מודע של הפרט

.הטכניקה של ספייר הפכה לאבן יסוד באומנות הכאוס

 בעקבות ספייר, יצירת החותם נעשה בדרך כלל על ידי הצהרת הכוונה וכתיבתה, ואז הפחתת וצמצום אותיות ההצהרה ליצירת מעין מונוגרמה 

?איך “להטעין” חותם

אנו מתבוננים בחותם במבט רך ולא מפוקס ובראש פתוח אנו מאפשרים לחותם להציף את התודעה שלנו. זה לא סוג ריכוז הדורש כוח ומאמץ, בתנאים נאותים, המודעות ‘מתיישבת’ באופן טבעי על הצורה, ניזונה ממנה, מרגישה אותה ומחדירה בה רוח חיים.  אנחנו מרגישים שקטים ומאוד מודעים

לא צריך להיות שום מאמץ במהלך פתיחת השערים ל ‘שידור’ החותם. התודעה שלנו חייבת להיות ריקה כדי שנוכל לקבל. מעל לכל, אנחנו לא צריכים להיות מודאגים מתפיסות של כאב או צורך, כאלה שעלולים להתעורר בקלות במהלך משבר

“מקד את תודעתך בחותם ונסה להרגיש אותו בכל הוויתך.” 

שמור על ראש פתוח, ואפשר למודעות שלך להתמזג בקווים, להרגיש את הצורה, להחדיר רגש לזרע. כל מיני תופעות עשויות להופיע עכשיו. נראה שהקווים נעים, הנייר עלול להתעמעם או להיות קורן, הצורה עשויה לצאת “מחוץ למיקוד”, כפל ראיה או כל דבר אחר. אל תתן לזה להטריד אותך

שמור את החותם בעדינות בתודעה שלך  ,הייה רגוע ונינוח. תופעות אלו עשויות להצביע על כך שאתה נוגע ברמות עמוקות יותר, אם כי זה, כשלעצמו, לא ממש חשוב, לאחר טעינת החותם, נחשב הכרחי להדחיק את כל הזיכרון ממנו: במילים של ספייר, צריך להיות חתירה מכוונת לשכוח אותו 

    חותם’ לא אמור להזכיר לך את הרצון המקורי’

מתוך ויזואל מג’יק מאת יאן פריס

:דרכים להטעין את החותם (סיגיל)

החותם משמש כנקודת הריכוז והפוקוס בזמן מדיטציה.

לאונן על החותם (יותר מתאים לגברים).

לאונן בזמן שמסתכלים על החותם.

מריחת דם על החותם, דם מחזור הירח מתאים מאוד.

שריפת החותם באש.

הטבעת החותם במים.

חשיפת החותם לאור השמש או לאור הירח.

הנחת קריסטל על גבי החותם.

קיום יחסי מין ליד החותם, או תוך כדי הסתכלות על החותמת.

התמקדות בחותם בזמן פורקן מיני-אורגזמה

קבורת החותם באדמה.

לחשוף את החותם לאנשים שיראו אותו.

אומנות הכאוס וגלגל השנה – ירוק


קצת ירוק בעין

היום ומחר, ברחבי העולם יחגגו את אימבולק/ברייד/קנדלמאס, אבל אצלנו בעדת הכאוס-קראפט או בשמה הלועזי אומנות הכאוס, חוגגים את יום הקסם/כישוף (רחמנא ליצלן) הירוק

?אז מה זה
קסם ירוק ולמה עכשיו

 ב -1 בפברואר, תאריך שהוא בערך באמצע הדרך בין יום ההיפוך החורפי ליום השוויון האביבי, נחגג אימבולק

 האימבולק מסמל את “הינקות” – סימני החיים הראשונים ואת תחילת האביב. פרחים מתחילים לפרוח ואפשר לראות ניצנים קטנים על העצים. הטבע מתעורר לאיטו לאחר שנת חורף ארוכה

?אז מה כל כך קסום בצבע הירוק

זה הזמן שהטבע בא להזכיר לנו שגם אנחנו צריכים להתעורר, להרפות מהעבר ולפנות מקום להתחלות, תוכניות וחלומות חדשים. באופן מסורתי אימבולק הוא פסטיבל לכבוד האלה בריגיד (בריגיד, ברייד, בריגיט). בריגיד היא אלת האש, הריפוי, השמש והאח. היא אלת הפריון והשירה

ירוק הוא צבע הטבע והוא מסמל צמיחה והתרחבות, יציבות וסיבולת. הרמוניה, ריפוי, פוריות, תקווה, אהבה והגנה. איכויות אלה מהדהדות עם בריגיד והשמש, שצובעת  את הטבע בירוק, מרחיבה את הלב וממלאת אותו באהבה ובהתרגשות של חלום חדש.  הגוונים הכהים יותר של הירוק קשורים בדרך כלל לכסף 

אימבולק מסמל את התעוררות הטבע, התחלות חדשות ואהבה, היוצרים שער בזמן לקסם ירוק

קסם, שגשוג, ריפוי, הגנה, אהבה ושפע, הם נושאים שטוב להתמקד בהם בכל עת, אך יקבלו דחיפה מיוחדת אם נכלול  אותם בשער אימבולק ובמזבח הירוק שלנו

אז לכו והדליקו נר ירוק, או שימו תפוח עץ ירוק על האלתר שלכם (מזבח נשמע קצת כבד ומדמם..), תאכלו סלט חסה או זמנו את הענק הירוק, העיקר שיהיה לכם קצת ירוק בלב

אימבולק שמח

עוד על כאוס-קראפט תמצאו כאן


The Autumn Equinox, Sandworms, The Tower and the Hebrew letter Pei – פ


“My awareness flows into that timeless stratum from where I can view time, I sense the available paths, the winds of the future, the winds of the past, The one-eyed vision of the past, the one-eyed vision of the present, and the one-eyed vision of the future, all combined in a trinocular vision that permits me to see time become space.”  Paul Atreides, Dune

“My awareness flows into that timeless stratum from where I can view time”

It is nearly the autumn equinox and you can feel the change in the air, most of the trees are still in their bright and deep green but there are more leaves on the ground and the horse-chestnut trees are turning brown. It is two days before the autumn equinox and my awareness flows into that timeless stratum from where I can view time. On Tuesday at 2:30 pm, we will get a glimpse of time manifesting itself, like a secret door that closes behind us and opens again but to a new and different direction. The astral compass points to the west.  This Time we face The Great Spirit Of The West, which at this point of time, for me, it will be represented by Leviathan, some may refer to it as Apophis or Tiamat or in our case the great beasts of the sand ocean of Dune, the mighty Sandworms.


Thinking about Leviathan, I can’t help but keep going back to the story of Jonah that has been “swallowed by a large fish, in whose belly he spends three days and three nights. While in the great fish, Jonah prays to God in his affliction and commits to giving thanks and to paying what he has vowed. God then commands the fish to vomit Jonah out”.(Wikipedia

Jonah and the Whale by Pieter Lastman

Basically what this story tries to teach us is that Jonah had to be swallowed by a whale before he could “see the light” and be reborn. On a personal level, Jonah’s story always reminds me of a little saying that circulates among my friends the spies drinkers, “you will never know your truth, until the Serpent spirit devourers you and spits you back out again.

Serpent spirit by

The belly of Leviathan, Tiamat, the Queen Serpent call it what you like, symbolises the abyss we are standing in front of. Once swallowed or devoured by Leviathan and co, symbolises the full-on head jump into the abyss knowing that the only way through it is by looking at the raw guts of Leviathan and taking responsibility for our actions.

Time to take responsibilities

“I sense the available paths, the winds of the future, the winds of the past”

The realization or gnosis one undergoes in the belly of Leviathan directs us to a better understanding of the paths we already took and the ones that lie ahead of us. Once we open our eyes, and our truth has been registered within our body and soul, we become like undigested food in the belly of Leviathan waiting to be spat out like the precious Ambergris and reborn into a new reality, a new path.

“The one-eyed vision of the past, the one-eyed vision of the present, and the one-eyed vision of the future, all combined in a trinocular vision that permits me to see time become space.”

Reading these lines made me think of the Tower.  It is only now while writing this I can see the connection with Jez’s post about the Orfordness Lighthouse. The lighthouse combined vision is focused on the sea and on the West, guiding the ships ashore and lighting the way to those souls crossing the West Gate on their journey beyond.

For the Equinox rite, we decided to head west and visit the ancestral land of Glamorgan. The call of the western land was very strong this time and after driving for a couple of hours we stopped at our favourite beach. It’s the new moon and the tide is so far out it feels like we are strolling on an endless beach with no sight or a glimpse of the Celtic sea ahead of us.

I couldn’t avoid the eerie feeling while walking on that vast sandy beach. The landscape stretching to the horizon. At the back of my mind, a little question kept nagging me, would the sea ever come back? 

The Westcoast has its fair share of bleak and eerie landscapes but that afternoon on the eve of the autumn equinox, the beach felt more eerie than usual. Another thought crossed my mind; I came to look for Leviathan but instead, I probably will find a huge beach sandworm…

We walked along the deserted beach and before long we came upon a 19th-century Watchtower and immediately the pennies dropped and I saw the connection to the tower from Jez post to the tower card and the autumn equinox. 

The Watchtower is situated to the West, watching the rise of the tide, measuring its highs and lows, calculating the length of the days and nights, light and the dark. Tonight we will face the darkest of the moon and the lowest of the tides but tomorrow we’re gonna wake up into a beautiful balanced day and the west gate shall be opened.

The watchtower

The Tower

In the Thoth tarot deck, the tower card is attributed to the letter Pei – פ  which means a mouth(Peh-פ), it also refers to the planet Mars and as it happens, the autumn equinox this year falls on a Tuesday. Lady synchronicity pulling her strings again.

Let’s go back to the letter Pei and how it’s related to our equinox work and Leviathan. For a while now I wanted to share some insights which come to me while meditating and studying some of the popular and respected books in my own culture. 

“The letter Pei symbolizes the channel by which freedom would reign throughout the cosmos. It also represents our meditative channel for altering the future events of our lives. The letter Pei gives us the power to redirect our energies to higher, more productive states of consciousness and understanding, that yesterday, today and tomorrow, are all one and the same, once we released the limits of rational consciousness.” Rav Berg, The Energy Of The Hebrew Letters. 

 This made me think of  “The one-eyed vision of the past, the one-eyed vision of the present, and the one-eyed vision of the future, all combined in a trinocular vision that permits me to see time become space” (Paul Atreides, Dune, as mentioned above)

It is only when we unbind ourselves from the limitations of rational consciousness and understanding that there are alternatives, and different perceptions, our consciousness is altered and we start seeing/understanding/experiencing a new perspective of time.

By understanding the energy of Pei, the mouth, we are advancing into the highest level of our inner and encircling light/mysteries and awakening to the realization that we can challenge the authority of the cosmos and succeed in altering its direction. 

The understanding of the power of the voice, the spoken word, is ancient and probably exists since the beginning of time when we became aware of our voices for the first time. I don’t think I have to explain the power of the spoken word/s. We can make or break, bless or curse with our words. The written word is also very powerful, but we all know that to make it real, to have an impact, you have to say it out loud. Like praying, we can pray very quietly in our hearts but when we become the prayer we let it all out, we sing and we cry and we shout to our favourite deity, we let it all out by making a sound, by using our mouth. We make spells and release them by spelling out each word, sometimes each letter spelling it by using our words and whispers.                                                                                                The power of Pei פ.   

The realization of the magical formula that combines all the magical powers of the mouth into one letter – פ, it is quite amazing. The shape of the letter Pei resembles a serpent that hides its head within its body – פ, this, of course, made me think of the biblical Leviathan all curled up in the bottom of the sea waiting to be awakened. 

The destruction of Leviathan by Gustave Dore

The awakening of Leviathan can be linked to the destruction of the tower – the destruction of the illusion of the world and the matrix of ‘organized’ life which confined us. The swallowing of Jonah by the Leviathan symbolizes also the awakening from the illusion – the falling from the tower. The insight, the gnosis of new perceptions, a new reality, new life.

The letter Pei also symbolizes Malchut which governs the physical body just as the serpent that hides its head symbolizes the physical awakening of the body – the female genitalia can be symbolized as the mouth – Pei, while the man genitalia can be thought of the serpent, both are awakened within the kingdom – Malchut of the physical body. 

While writing this I find myself pondering how all this physical awakening stuff has got anything to do with the autumn equinox. So I set my time machine a few days back to Tuesday morning. This time we headed to a different beach, a secluded one, a quiet place for our annual season ritual. It’s a grey day and the beach is deserted. Unlike yesterday, the tide is not so far out but also not too high, the word balance comes to mind. The coastline looks wild and primal, we are the only people on the beach and we are looking for the best spot for the autumn equinox rite. 

I think we walked for about half an hour before we found the perfect spot. I must admit that rituals in nature are my favourite, no need for fancy clothing or an altar as each stone, tree or a flower can become the altar if needed, even better, We become the altar. Our mouth becomes the cup that holds within it the essence of the magic itself, the spoken words of the invocation or the spells we utter.

Facing the west we started with our invocation of Leviathan. Leviathan is a creature of the sea so to invoke it, it only makes sense (well, to me anyway) to invoke the ocean first. So we call upon the mighty ocean, asking to open up and show us the ways, hoping that our small offerings of coins and ancient prayers will awaken Leviathan, awaken us from another layer of illusion.

All through the ritual, the air was very still and quiet but as soon as we said our farewells and license to depart, a sharp cry and the fluttering of wings above our heads. I looked up and two magnificent birds were circulating above us, while at the same time a huge wave crashed onto the shore. I couldn’t avoid the symbolic situation and the line from Crowley’s writing about The Tower from The Book of Thoth crossed my mind: 

Bathed in the effulgence of this Eye (which now assumes even a third sense, that indicated in Atu XV) are the Dove bearing an olive branch and the Serpent.”

I don’t think the birds were doves and a whale (Leviathan in Hebrew means whale) did not jump out of the waters at that particular moment, but somehow we knew that our offering and prayers had been accepted.   

Not a whale in sight but a very cool spider web on the ancient rocks

Many thaks to Steve D for the inspiration. 

The Spider


Last night I dreamt of a huge spider sitting on the wall and looking at me. I have no fear of spiders but neither got the need to have a pet tarantula. When I woke up I couldn’t help the feeling that the spider in my dream was trying to tell me something, to deliver some kind of totemic message.

 So what does the spider mean to me?

The spider symbolizes a few things:

  • Patience
  • Receptivity
  • Feminine energy
  • Creativity
  • Weaver of life’s fate
  • Shadow self, dark aspects of life or personality

The spider has 8 legs that resemble the 8 points of chaos, the all-seeing eye. The Hunter – the spider weaves its web so very finely and transparently, so the prey won’t notice it and will fly straight into the deadly trap. When weaving its magical trap, the spider is actually weaving its life story, home, food and creation.

The spider, though not reptilian, is somehow connected. The Serpent represents the male/yang/kundalini energy; the spider the feminine. Like the serpent who is the keeper and guardian of knowledge, so is the spider guarding fiercely at the gates of the unknown.

A while ago, I saw a spider catching a fly. Watching the spider hunt was mesmerising and made me think of how we humans are conditioned to think with our emotions, and feel everything. By doing so we are actually missing the beauty (and maybe the secrets) of nature.

Nature is like a spider, weaving its web of flora and fauna all over, and when it is time, hunting them down with fire, storms, floods etc.

Sometimes nature is the prey as when we cut down the forests or pollute the air and the sea.

The spider reminds me of my skills as a huntress, as the creative weaver of ideas and dreams, or as my dear friend Steve D. wrote in My Spidey  Sense is Tingling, “she skillfully walks her web rather than getting caught within it like a fly!”