About The Senses

Working with horses taught me how to see and hear, training as an aromatherapist I have developed a very strong and sensitive sense of smell, and once your sense of smell is good it usually affects the sense of taste: It doesn’t matter how beautiful the cake looks if it smells bad, you will not touch it. Or, it doesn’t matter how tasty the cake is, if it looks like shit, you just won’t eat it…

In these 2 examples, you can see how the sense of sight affects our senses of taste and smell and vice versa.

In the last few days, a very old and sick mare taught me how to use all my senses at once.

Now I know that this mare knew her time was up, and having no owner to care for her, she chose me to walk her last walk with her.

A few days ago she showed me, in a horsey sign language kind of way, that she is not well. Soon after I could smell her illness on her breath,  then I could hear her illness when she was gasping for breath, all this time she was craving for touch and when I did so I could feel her body losing tension and relaxing.

Yesterday, her condition had worsened, I could see it in her eyes and stressed body, I could hear her tight breath and cough, I could smell her infected lungs and she was still craving for touch…

Today I took one look at her and I just knew her time is up…The senses were so clear I could even ‘taste’ her infection.

I took her out of the stable, thinking the fresh air will ease her pains. She seemed happy enough so I left her and went back to get something from the stable. About 10 minutes later I could hear her calling for me.  There was no sound, I just knew, I rushed back to see her wobbling on her legs, collapsing… I could smell and taste death by her, waiting, I could see death vibrations all around her, she gave a real fight for her last breaths, but it was her time and she left riding on death vibrations into the sun.

Just before she died I held her head in my arms and it was very strange to feel a body vibrate from being alive into death. At that moment I could feel all my senses turn into one: I could see what I hear, what I smell, taste and feel, It was an explosion of life and death.

Thank you old mare for teaching me so much in such a short time, may you ride forever in the green tall grass of the Autumn skies.